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Experienced Guidance For Child Custody & Support

Last updated on December 14, 2023

Your children mean everything to you, which increases the anxiety and intensity in disputes involving child custody or child support. These are the times when you need experienced legal counsel — both to help you stand strong and to be the voice of reason.

The lawyer and staff of McCauley Law Offices, P.A., are protective of your child’s best interests and your parental rights. We strive for solutions to these complex and emotional disputes that are conducive to peaceful and productive co-parenting. However, when the other party won’t negotiate or when a legal ruling is needed, you can depend on us for skilled advocacy in contested court proceedings.

More Than 19 Years Of Experience

The Florida family courts have moved away from the traditional custody-and-visitation arrangement. The “timesharing” model presumes more equalized roles and responsibilities.

Though the child may live with one parent the majority of the time, the other parent is encouraged to be actively involved in the child’s life and child-rearing decisions. This requires a greater degree of communication, cooperation and compromise than some parents can embrace, leading to conflicts.

Our office excels at providing you with that kind of representation. We pride ourselves on our commitment to understanding the facts and details that make your case unique and, very often, that can make the difference in your child custody and support matter.

We can deliver those services because we have spent more than 19 years working with people just like you throughout the Panama City area. As a result, we hold the seasoned legal judgment that makes it possible to communicate effectively with people, even during their most difficult and emotional proceedings.

We help clients assert their rights and their wishes in parenting plan negotiations and custody litigation:

  • Timeshare — child’s primary residence and proportion of time with each parent
  • Timesharing schedule — overnights, weekends, holidays, vacations, extracurriculars
  • Parenting plan details — pickup time, notifications, contact with child, etc.
  • Parent relocation within Florida or out of state
  • Possession of the house
  • Timesharing rights in paternity cases
  • Interference with visitation
  • Modifications of custody arrangements

Let Our Office Handle Confusing Child Support Details

The level of support is largely governed by Florida’s child support guidelines. However, timesharing is factored in and there may be other reasons to deviate up or down from the presumptive amount of support.

Panama City child custody attorney Carroll L. McCauley III can represent the paying parent or recipient parent in initial determination of support or modifying child support after a substantial change in circumstances. In doing so, he works to solve problems for you in a manner that is both practical and wise.

Peace Of Mind Through Strong Legal Advocacy

In all matters involving children, we also aim for an economical solution that avoids a showdown and lingering resentments between parents. However, we have litigated many custody cases, winning important victories on behalf of clients and their children. Whether we litigate on your behalf or not, though, you will rest easier knowing that you can rely on us to pursue efficient legal strategies narrowly tailored to the goals of your case. Our years of experience enable us to recognize those strategies that are as efficient as they are effective.

Tell Us About Your Situation In A Consultation

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