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Wise And Practical Legal Solutions

Too many people think divorce can only be done one way: painfully. At McCauley Law Offices, P.A., we help clients throughout the entire Panama City area see that divorce today can be done differently through a tool called “Collaborative Law.”

What Is Collaborative Law?

Collaborative law is a newer type of legal approach to resolving divorce and other family disputes. In this approach, both parties come to the table committed to resolving their differences by working together specifically to avoid ugly litigation and drawn-out court battles.

Collaborative law has served clients particularly well in those situations involving children. Shielding the children from unnecessary grief and suffering sometimes associated with more traditional methods serves as one of the main reasons for pursuing a collaborative divorce approach.

The attorneys also commit to a collaborative approach. In fact, if the situation does indeed require litigation to resolve a dispute, the lawyer used during the collaborative process has signed an agreement with the client under which the lawyer has agreed to not represent the parties in court.

That commitment to collaborative resolution from the lawyer and from the client often goes a long way in itself to helping resolve a dispute. In addition to saving the parties from avoidable conflict, it also helps the parties save substantial amounts of money in some cases.

Learn More About Collaborative Legal Approaches

We invite you to schedule an initial consultation with our office in order to learn more about how collaborative law can help you in your situation. You can call us at 850-299-4070 or reach us online if you prefer.