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Should a divorcing couple continue to live together?

When it comes to divorce, Florida has one of the largest rates in the country. Panama City, Deltona and Palm Bay had some of the largest populations of divorced people in the United States according to data from 2010. 

There are many things to sort out during the actual divorce process. While one would assume one of those things would be for one spouse to make other living accommodations, many couples decide to share a living space until the divorce is final. Every situation is different, and a divorcing couple really needs to weigh the pros and cons of such an arrangement before agreeing to it. 

What to do before filing for divorce

Divorce is a common legal issue married couples of all ages may have to face. An article in the Miami Herald states that the divorce rate for American citizens over the age of 50 has nearly doubled since 1990. 

When the end of a marriage seems imminent, it is tempting for one spouse to simply pull the trigger and file for divorce. However, it can be more prudent to wait a little bit to ensure all affairs are in order. Taking plenty of time to plan the divorce out can help greatly going forward. 

Best interests of the child: What does it mean?

If you are going through a child custody matter in Florida, it’s likely you’ve heard the term “best interests of the child” many times. In Florida, the courts will determine or approve a parenting time plan that is in the best interests of the child or children involved. But isn’t “best interests” a bit subjective?

As a mother, you probably have your own idea of what is in the best interests of your own child or children – and rightfully so. However, it’s possible that your ex disagrees. So, what happens then?

The beginning of the end: splitting assets in Florida

The sun doesn't always shine in Florida, nor does it always shine on a married couple. If the dark clouds of divorce are starting to block out the light on your marriage, you may have concerns about what's going to happen to everything for which you've worked so hard, especially in a high asset divorce.

3 mistakes to avoid during high-asset divorce

When your marital estate falls into the high-asset category, your divorce process could prove more complicated than for those individuals with a lower-worth estate. Because you have likely worked hard to achieve your wealth, you probably do not want to have needless mistakes during your divorce leave you with less than the property to which you are entitled. 

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