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Comprehensive Guidance For Parent Relocation Matters

Last updated on April 2, 2024

After divorce, one parent may seek to move out of town with the children. This creates strained relations and hardships on both sides, and may in turn lead to contentious court proceedings or a major overhaul of the current custody and child support orders.

At McCauley Law Offices, P.A., in Panama City, we understand the complex and sensitive nature of parent relocation disputes. In or out of court, we strive for resolutions that center on the best interests of the child. Our lawyer, Carroll L. McCauley III, practices in the family courts of Bay County and surrounding counties. We represent many military parents, including those dealing with custody relocation when deployed or transferred to a new duty station.

When Parents Move Away

Florida law requires that a parent seeking to relocate the residence of a child more than 50 miles first obtain court permission. This involves notifying the other parent, who may formally challenge the move.

Mr. McCauley has concentrated in divorce and family law for more than 19 years, representing parents on both sides of relocation conflicts. He knows which factors are most relevant to judges when they consider whether to grant or deny relocation. For example, the relocating parent must demonstrate a legitimate reason such as a better job or family connections. The nonrelocating parent who objects must convince the court of insurmountable financial hardships, detriment to the child’s well-being or an intent to disrupt his or her bond with the child.

The court will consider the parent’s grounds for relocation, the distance and any associated hardships, the existing timesharing arrangements and — first and foremost — whether relocation is in the best interests of the child. You can count on our legal team to skillfully assert your case and forcefully protect your parental rights.

If the court approves the move, we help clients work out the logistics and address necessary child custody modification. For example, the court may alter child support levels, require parents to share travel costs or grant extra timesharing during the summer or holidays.

Experienced Advocacy For A Difficult Situation

Carroll McCauley will personally spend time with you to work through these complicated issues, and our highly experienced paralegals can address your questions. We know you are seeking solutions that are efficient, effective and economical.

Why can we deliver legal services that meet all those criteria? Our 19 years of experience means we have worked with people just like you from throughout the Panama City area who have faced these same issues. We have been down this road before and we understand how to help you avoid the pitfalls that might trip up the person trying to do this for themselves right on their first try through the legal system.

Equally important, we know how to deliver those services compassionately. Compassionate legal services enable us to learn those details and facts that make your case different from everyone else’s cases. Particularly in a fact-intensive case like a parental location, it is those details and facts that can make the difference in persuading a judge to see things your way.

Learn How We Can Help In An Initial Consultation

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