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Proudly Representing Military Service Members And Their Families In Divorce

Last updated on April 2, 2024

The legal team at McCauley Law Offices, P.A., can capably address the unique issues for service members in matters of divorce and family law. We regularly represent Air Force and Navy personnel (active duty and retired) from Tyndall Air Force Base (AFB) and the Naval Coastal Systems Station, as well as their civilian spouses.

Panama City lawyer Carroll L. McCauley III has extensive experience in the family courts of Bay County and surrounding jurisdictions. Legal assistant Lindsay Green brings 20 years of focused knowledge in family law and is married to a service member. Our understanding of the relevant factors enables us to anticipate conflicts, protect your interests and favorably resolve these matters.

Ask About Our Military Discount
McCauley Law Offices proudly represents the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces, and offers discounted rates to active duty personnel.

Put Our Seasoned Legal Judgment In Your Corner

The primary focus of our firm is divorce and family law. In addressing assets, debts, spousal support, child custody and child support, we can advise clients on their rights and strategies relating to military pay and benefits and military retirement division:

  • Military pension
  • Thrift savings plan (TSP)
  • Survivors’ benefit plan (SBP)
  • Basic allowance for housing (BAH)
  • Basic allowance for sustenance (BAS)

While a “military divorce” is in fact handled in the civilian family courts, our legal team is attuned to specific considerations and federal protections that apply to military personnel. For example:

— Civilian spouses are entitled to a share of military pension benefits, based on overlapping years of marriage.

— Military benefits like BAH and BAS are not taxable, which may affect support levels and property settlements.

— An airman, sailor or officer who is deployed abroad can delay divorce or custody proceedings under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act.

You Can Turn To Us For Help

Our firm understands the unique issues facing members of our military. When it comes to your divorce, you want to know that the attorney handling your case has been down this road before.

We have. Further, we take the time necessary to understand the unique facts of your case. Many times, those facts can make the difference in crafting a legal strategy responsive to your needs.

We also already hold necessary knowledge about unique military rules and proceedings. As a result, we can often save our clients time and money.

Serving Those Who Serve Our Country

If you are retired military living in Bay County or currently stationed at the air base or naval station, McCauley Law Offices, P.A., welcomes you to arrange a consultation. Call our Panama City military divorce attorney at 850-299-4070 or email us.