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Compassionate Guidance For Domestic Violence Matters

To help people escape an abusive relationship or prevent a dangerous escalation of domestic violence, the Florida Legislature, courts and police err on the side of caution. Victims of domestic assault, threatened violence or stalking can obtain a temporary court order (injunction for protection) to stop the abuse or keep the person at bay, under penalty of jail.

The initial court order can be obtained without legal counsel, but there will be a hearing on whether to continue, amend or cancel the injunction for protection. Whether you are seeking protection or you are the subject of such an order, it is important to contact a lawyer who has experience dealing with these sensitive situations.

Bay County family law attorney Carroll L. McCauley III represents either party in injunction proceedings:

  • If you fear for your own safety or your children, he will help you persuade the judge to issue a permanent protective order.
  • If you believe an order is unwarranted, overly harsh or being used as leverage for divorce or custody, he can intervene to challenge the basis.

You Can Depend On Our Experience

An injunction for protection against domestic violence is also referred to as a restraining order, a protective order or simply an injunction. It applies to anyone who has been the victim of violence from a spouse or live-in partner, a current or former dating partner or a family member. Florida statute provides for injunctions for domestic violence, repeat violence, dating violence and sexual violence, with different criteria for each type.

The court can customize the terms of injunctions, which may include any of the following: removal from the home, no contact with the victim, no contact with the children or supervised visitation, no possession of firearms, and granting of temporary custody, child support or spousal support. The court can also require the subject to attend counseling or treatment. Violating an injunction for protection can result in criminal charges, in addition to any pending charges for domestic assault.

Seek Legal Help Immediately

Our legal team takes the issue of domestic violence very seriously. We advocate for the safety and emotional well-being of our clients, as well as balance and fairness in the issuance of domestic violence restraining orders.

We can handle those issues effectively and efficiently for you. We know you need legal solutions that respect your resources.

We can deliver those efficient resources because of our years of experience. Because we deal with difficult situations for a living, we have already been down any number of roads. As a result, our experienced team can dispense with dead ends and more quickly craft you the wise and practical legal solutions you need in this situation.

Further, we provide you with representation that respects your need for compassion. We take great pride in knowing that you have chosen to entrust us with some of your most personal concerns. For that reason, we take the time necessary to sit down with you and discuss your life and how the law can help you in your circumstances.

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