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Practical Solutions For Family Law Matters

Last updated on April 3, 2024

When it comes to issues of divorce and family law, it goes without saying that tensions run high – particularly when children are involved. When entering into this domain of law, it’s important to have a Panama City family law lawyer to act as an advocate to ensure that your interests are protected and to help you work toward resolutions that are as amicable, efficient and economical as possible.

Delivering Quality And Value

For over 19 years, we at McCauley Law Offices, P.A., have made family law and divorce one of our core practice areas. We know the time and attention each case deserves, and we do everything we can to achieve a fair and just result for our clients and their loved ones.

With three legal secretaries on staff, we’re able to deliver a level of service that clients expect. Even if attorney Carroll L. McCauley III is in court, we are able to use e-mail and phone calls to keep clients informed of all developments in their case.

We’re able to represent clients involved in nearly every kind of family law issue including:

In the state of Florida there is the presumption of equal division of marital property and debt, including retirement plans/accounts, and short- and long-term alimony awards are available in a dissolution of marriage case.

In cases of relocation of a child, the State of Florida mandates that a parent who seeks to relocate the residence of a child more than 50 miles from their present residence file a petition and obtain a court order prior to relocation.

These cases raise very difficult issues regarding the economic welfare of the relocating parent and the continuation of a meaningful relationship between the child and the non-relocating parent. We take these issues very seriously and strive to achieve an outcome that’s in the best interest of the child.

We have also worked on numerous restraining order cases and domestic violence injunction cases, both for the petitioner and respondent, giving us a comprehensive understanding of this aspect of law.

How We Do It

Whatever your legal needs, you will rest easier knowing you can rely on our experienced judgment in family disputes. We know how to help you understand all of your legal options. More important, we know how to help you choose from those options wisely.

We can deliver that level of representation because we have committed ourselves as a firm to providing you with individually customized legal guidance. That means spending time with you and speaking with you so we understand the facts of your situation and the legal goals you may have.

From the very beginning, we prepare your case in order to maximize your options. That way, you will be working from a position of strength whether you choose to accept a plea or to go to trial. Whatever your course of action, you will know that your rights are being protected.

Contact Us To Learn More

Regardless of your family law issue, however, we’re looking forward to working with you.

To discuss any aspect of your family law case in an initial consultation call toll-free 850-299-4070 or email us.