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Protecting You From Assault or Domestic Violence Charges

Last updated on December 14, 2023

Once police are called to investigate a fight, assault or domestic altercation, the wheels of justice are set in motion. There will usually be an arrest, followed by a criminal complaint, even if the alleged victim does not want to press charges.

Many people arrested on assault charges hurt their own cause by trying to explain their side of the story without consulting with a lawyer. Such statements can and will be used against you, perhaps resulting in an otherwise avoidable conviction.

Contact McCauley Law Offices, P.A., in Panama City, Florida. Our experienced criminal defense attorney will make every effort to avoid jail, keep this off your record and minimize the collateral consequences.

You Can Depend On Our Experienced Criminal Defense Counsel

Practicing in Bay County since 1998, Carroll L. McCauley III has defended clients on the full spectrum of misdemeanor and felony charges:

  • Simple assault (threatened violence)
  • Aggravated assault (brandishing a deadly weapon)
  • Battery (physical contact)
  • Felony battery (great bodily harm or assault with a weapon)
  • Aggravated battery (intentionally causing great bodily harm)
  • Domestic violence battery
  • Aggravated domestic violence battery

A felony conviction can result in prison and prevent you from possessing firearms. Domestic battery charges can affect child custody proceedings and the arrest records cannot be sealed or expunged. Our legal team makes every effort to avoid these harsh consequences.

The act, the outcome, the intent, the presence of a weapon and prior convictions all factor into the charges. By intervening early, we can sometimes convince the prosecutor to drop the case or downgrade the charges to a less serious offense.

Mr. McCauley is also prepared to defend clients through motions, hearings, trials and sentencing. We will challenge the allegations on the basis of self-defense, provocation, exaggerated harm or motive to falsely implicate our client. Our sole focus is to cast doubt on the charges or mitigate the punishment.

No Matter How Bad Your Situation Seems

With your future on the line, you need an experienced advocate on your side. We put more than 19 years of experience to work on your behalf when you hire us.

Those years of experience mean you can count on us to understand how the law applies to your specific situation. Because we have been advising people from throughout the Panama City area for years, we know how the criminal defense system works when it comes to assault and domestic violence matters.

We incorporate that knowledge into every legal representation we accept. You will be able to rely on us confidently to navigate you through the criminal court system, helping you avoid the pitfalls that might trip up a less-experienced person trying to handle their own case themselves.

Learn More In A  Consultation

To help you learn more about how we can help you, McCauley Law Offices, P.A., extends an initial consultation. Call 850-299-4070 to speak with our Panama City assault charge lawyer, or contact us online.